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New arrivals at ADAP Tanzania

ADAP is pleased to welcome three new staff members to the ADAP Tanzania team: Dr. Vincent Gerald Vyamana, Renico Kinemo, Andrew Mariki.

ADAP launchs a new project in Tanzania

The Association for the Development of Protected Areas is pleased to announce the start of its new project "Sustainable Management of the Ipole Wildlife Management Area".

Training of 61 village forest guards

In October 2021, 41 village forest guards (VFG) completed the three-month training at Likuyu Sekamaganga Community Based Training Center and 20 of them are currently in training.

Natural Tanzanian honey in your kitchen!

Support our projects and buy tasty, natural Tanzanian honey. This honey comes from wild African bees that live in a forest of 850km2, co-managed by several village communities in Tanzania.

ADAP and WCS join forces

ADAP is the recipient of a sub-award from the Wildlife Conservation Society. With these funds, it supports the development and modernization of the beekeeping sector, and the monitoring of wildlife with camera traps as part of the Ruaha-Katavi Landscape Program.

Twelve Years Burkina Faso: Project Report

ADAP is proud to publish its experiences and accomplishments of supporting the Burkinabe communities within the Wildlife and Development Project framework.

Floods and COVID-19 in Tanzania: messed-up start of the year

The year 2020 should have been a key year for both the environment with meetings at the global level and our project activities in the field. The combined effects of climate change and a global pandemic made things go differently.

The bee is making its buzz on 23 November 2018!

ADAP is pleased to invite you to its conference-debate "L'abeille fait son buzz, stratégie win-win ou alibi au service d'un développement non durable?" on November 23rd, 2018 at 6pm at the Geneva Museum of Natural History.

ADAP becomes a member of IUCN

The IUCN Council approved the admission of ADAP as a Member of the Union. A chance for us to participate in this great network of nature protection and to make our voice heard in its decisions.

ADAP is in the Tribune de Genève!

The Inyonga project is presented in the special pages of the Tribune de Genève about its Sustainable Development Goals.

ADAP starts a new project in Tanzania

ADAP is pleased to announce that it will start a new project in Tanzania "Community Forest Management of the Rungwa Corridor" in the Sikonge and Mlele districts, funded by the Geneva Federation for Cooperation.
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