Mlele project on Léman Bleu

As part of its “Esprit Soliaire” programme, produced in partnership with the Geneva Federation for Cooperation, Léman Bleu is devoting the subject of the 2019 school year to the community management of natural resources project led by ADAP for more than 15 years, in Inyonga, Tanzania.

The images were taken by Sandy Mermod during a field mission in the summer of 2018 and edited by Priscilia Chacòn of Blue Lake. We meet the actors who act on the spot and on a daily basis to maintain and safeguard the rich biodiversity that flourishes in the Mlele forest and beekeeping reserve. Ecogardes, vice-president of ADAP, manager and president of the Inyonga Beekeepers Association (IBA), all give us a complementary reading of the achievements but also of the challenges, sometimes still vast, that remain to be met.

We also get to know some of the women who have been trained in the production of Batikes in particular, activities that generate additional income for these families and are compatible with the values of ecosystem preservation, values that have driven ADAP since its creation.

Images take on the colours and atmosphere of this region, a journey to the heart of Miombo and its wooded landscapes, still preserved from the anthropic pressures that, in the immediate surroundings, leave no respite to this wild nature: exploitation of natural resources, mineral extraction, poaching, logging, field crops, cattle breeding…

A brief trip to the heart of an NGO’s daily life in western Tanzania, followed by an interview with ADAP’s Executive Secretary: Sandy Mermod.

Thank you to Léman Bleu and the Geneva Federation for their excellent collaboration!

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