Vision, mission statement, and values



Local communities regain their rightful place in the management of protected areas in order to preserve biodiversity and improve their livelihoods.

Mission Statement

ADAP’s mission can be broken down into 5 areas of intervention:

  1. Secure the rights of local populations and promote inclusive governance of protected areas and natural resources.
  2. Encourage, wherever possible, the implementation of participatory governance approaches that bridge the gap between local, national, and global levels and contribute to conflict reduction.
  3. Enhance the value of natural resources by developing added-value chains and fair trade.
  4. Document and disseminate the impact, learning and knowledge of actions.
  5. Contribute to national and global policy debates on protected areas, biodiversity conservation and the role of local populations.


Protected areas for biodiversity and communities


The following keywords drive ADAP’s activities:

  • protected areas
  • biodiversity
  • sustainable management of natural resources
  • communities
  • local communities
  • inclusion
  • integration
  • autonomy
  • self-determination
  • traditional knowledge

  • ecosystem services
  • dignified livelihoods
  • quality of life
  • democracy
  • local markets
  • inclusive governance
  • peaceful coexistence
  • primacy
  • rights
  • living territories


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