Who we are

ADAP is a Swiss non-governmental organisation with an international vocation set up in Geneva in 1997. It supports local community-based natural resource management initiatives en Afrique subsaharienne. ADAP assumes that any nature conservation initiative that does not take into account the needs of communities living in contact with these resources is doomed to failure.  ADAP thus acts as a bridge between communities, governmental and private actors in implementing sustainable development strategies and reconciling often divergent interests.  It is also involved in research and education partnerships which aim at developing innovative solutions to problems encountered in the field.

As a member of the Geneva Federation for Cooperation (Fédération Genevoise de Coopération – FGC)) since 2001, ADAP is currently concentrating its operational activities in two countries, Tanzania and Madagascar.  It collaborates with many partners at local, national and international levels and to implement actions at the operational level, as well as in research and development.  ADAP operates thanks to a small, close-knit team of volunteers who work tirelessly, but are always looking for new members who would be willing to support it. Join us now!

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