ADAP and the media


  • Léman Bleu, broadcast “Esprit Solidaire”, 7 January 2019

© Léman Bleu, 2019    Link to the news ADAP on Léman Bleu.


  • Tribune de Genève, special pages SDGs, 29-30 September 2018

© TDG, 2018 Link to the news ADAP in the Tribune de Genève.


  • ADAP support for sanitary supplies for the schools in the Mlele District, 2020

© ITV, 2020
  • RSR, Espace 2, broadcast ‘Le meilleur des mondes’, 2007

(re)discover an interview conducted by Anik Schuin for her radio show “Le meilleur des mondes”, on Espace 2. An hour of conversation with Yves Hausser, a privileged moment of a rare duration on the radio. Yves will share with us his experience of ADAP and his way of seeing the world.

© RSR, 2007 

  • The Burkinabe project in  ‘Le Lancéen’ n°222


  • The Selous-Niassa corridor project in ‘Ouverture sur Plan-les-Ouates’ n°6



  • The Burkinabe project in ‘Vivre Carouge’ n°63
    In 2014, ten years after the launch of the Burkina Faso project “Fauna and development in the periphery of the fauna reserve of Pama-Arly”, the town of Carouge presents its partnerships with the FGC and its support to ADAP.

PDF VivreCarouge-n°63-FGC-ADAP



  • The Malagasi project in Midi Madagasikara, 2018


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