Madagascar Project

Sustainable and community-based management of forests adjacent to Mikea National Park.

Detailed project information here.

Inyonga Tanzanie Project

Photos relating to the activities of the Community Based Natural Resource Management and Beekeeping Support Project in Inyonga, Tanzania (2001 to date).

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Rungwa corridor project Tanzania

Photos of our new project in Tanzania "Community Forest Management in the Rungwa Corridor" (2018 to date).

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Wildlife and landscapes of western Tanzania

This selection of images will help you discover the richness of the fauna and habitats of our project area in Inyonga.

It is also an opportunity to present you in more detail Mlele Beekeeping zone, a beekeeping reserve managed by Inyonga Beekeepers Association and set up as part of the ADAP project.

Photos credits: Yves Hausser, Sandy Mermod, Alain Bersier, Claude Fischer, Sébastien Dubouchet, David Hartlieb, Ezra Ricci, Florian Reinhard. Many thanks to all to have provided us these pictures.


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