Camera traps gallery

This gallery is an overview of the species captured by camera traps during ecological monitoring in Mlele BKZ, and in adjacent reserves (Rukwa Game Reserve, Rungwa River Forest Reserves, Inyonga Forest Reserve, and Ugalla River Forest Reserve) as part of students’ work for their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Ecological monitoring of mammals began in 2008 and has continued annually thanks to the work of VGS and the technical support from HEPIA.

After testing different methods, monitoring now combines camera trap registration with incidental, direct observation. Camera traps are particularly suitable for following medium-sized and large mammals in wooded areas with many nocturnal and elusive species. Camera trap registration has enabled detecting 47 mammal species out of the 56 recorded species alive in Mlele BKZ. You will find more information in the literature, listed on the research page.

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