Annual report 2022

A year 2022 under the signs of change, renewal and perseverance. In Tanzania, the third project for the Ipole village reserve was launched. In Geneva, the association's statutes were amended and approved by the Annual General Meeting on June 28, 2022. Committee members and employees from Switzerland and Tanzania worked together on the new general strategy for 2023-2027.

Annual report 2021

The year 2021 saw plenty of activities and new developments. The Rungwa River Corridor project in Tanzania is making good pogress, joint forest management of forest reserves is well underway, and the mushroom industry is promising. A third project for the Ipole Wildlife Management Area that started in early 2022 is moving forward, too.

Annual report 2020

The year 2020 will go down in the annals of the 21st century as the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The way governments managed this crisis has had an unprecedented impact on a sector that has become key to nature conservation, namely tourism.

Annual report 2019

ADAP has never changed its objective since its foundation: to preserve biodiversity and sustainable management systems for natural resources, particularly in areas with severe constraints.

Annual report 2018

After 21 years of existence, ADAP is still on the move. 2018 was a dynamic year for ADAP, with field projects and with activities in Switzerland.

Annual report 2017

In 2017 ADAP celebrated its 20th anniversary! Two decades and no signs of slowing down are quite a performance in itself.

Annual report 2016

2016 was an intense year for the ADAP team as we started a new project in Madagascar, a new phase for Tanzania, and continued to be active in Switzerland with several events and the production of natural cosmetics.

Annual report 2015

Despite its brief existence, ADAP has already experienced many uncertainties and faced various, often complex challenges. Discouragement, fatigue, sometimes even the idea of ceasing our activities accompanied our progress. But we persevered and today, we are working to withdraw from one of our two main projects. Our presence in Burkina Faso and 12 years of collaboration with AFAUDEB have led to great results.

Annual report 2014

While continuing its work with the local communities in Tanzania and Burkina Faso, ADAP devoted a substantial part of its energy this year to project itself for the future and develop its activities in Geneva. Beyond the action on the ground, it is essential to work on the sustainability of our association and the adaptability of our modes of intervention.

Annual report 2013

Since its foundation, ADAP's priority has always been the support for local communities in Africa to manage natural resources. We have realized however that this needs a stronger presence of ADAP in Geneva and in Europe.

Annual report 2012

In 2012, ADAP discretely celebrated its 15th anniversary. True to its commitment ADAP was busy on the front lines, in support of its projects. So, if we missed the opportunity for a festive moment, we did not waste our time.

Annual report 2011

2011 Has been a strong year for ADAP. The threats to our planet’s resources are constantly increasing. The media widely report on this reality but in the field, the process is accelerating. Pressure is now becoming unbearable for many regions struggling with unprecedented predatory practices of their resources. Our way of life is largely responsible for this situation and the fast development of so-called “emerging” countries only accelerates the process.

Annual report 2010

Discover the main successes and difficulties encountered by ADAP during 2010. A year of action with three projects in the field and various interventions in Europe. You will read in this annual report that ADAP has been able to take advantage of the resources at its disposal and that it continues to grow with increasing professionalism.
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