Vision, mission and values



ADAP promotes a world without asymmetry in which :

  • The sustainable management of natural resources is at the centre of attention.
  • Local people manage natural resources autonomously and secure stable economic incomes for themselves and future generations.
  • Protected areas are recognized as central elements of sustainable development and environmental management.


To achieve this vision, ADAP sets three global objectives :

  • To strengthen existing local capacities by building on existing skills and community management of natural resources.
  • To enable local communities to derive income from the sustainable management of natural resources and thus strengthen their autonomy.
  • To act as a link between the local level and the global level by raising awareness, informing and communicating at all levels of its activities.


All ADAP activities are carried out in accordance with several fundamental values, shared by all ADAP members and supporters :

Integration of

  • Concerns and needs of local communities
  • All actors involved directly and/or indirectly in a project

Pragmatism in

  • The solutions devised with local populations as well as in the development of projects
  • The selection of potential donors
  • The allocation of human, financial and material resources

Respect of

  • Interests of rural communities
  • The legal framework in place in the intervention regions
  • Local traditions, customs and lifestyles


  • Depending on the evolution of the context, not everything is always going as planned (human, social, political factors)
  • In relation to the needs of local communities


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